Virtual Gaming Simulation (VGS)

Simulation education has developed in recent years as a critical component of practice-oriented curricula, such as nursing and midwifery. However, COVID-19 also regularly suspends hands-on educational activities, including in-person simulation sessions.

Envision, a two-year Erasmus + partnership for “digital educational readiness” will develop a fully-fledged online replacement or addition to the classic simulation sessions.

In a European partnership two virtual gaming simulations (VGS) will be developed. The virtual simulations make use of standardized patients in which film clips depict realistic events. The scenario incorporates multiple decision points where students are challenged on their clinical competences and soft skills. Prebriefing and debriefing are built in so that all the active ingredients of simulation education are guaranteed.

VGS is web-based and very accessible to teachers and students. Going through the online simulation is possible anywhere and anytime; only an internet connection is required. Manuals will support students and teachers in using the existing VGS or in developing new games that meet their learning needs. The results of the project will be shared in open access