We are thrilled to report that we recently held our second multiplier event at Artevelde University College, Campus Kantienberg Ghent on February 9. We were delighted to welcome a diverse audience, including individuals interested in the technology behind the Virtual Gaming Simulation (VGS), the content of the games, and beginners in simulation pedagogy.

The event was a resounding success, with many positive comments on the intellectual outputs of Envision, our collaborative project aimed at developing innovative pedagogical approaches in healthcare education.

Attendees expressed their appreciation for the VGS, noting that it provides a realistic and safe way of learning with a methodology transferable to various audiences and topics.

We were also delighted to receive compliments on the H5P content items for prebriefing, enactment, and debriefing. Attendees found the interactive book, branching scenario, and documentation tool to be effective tools for enhancing the learning experience.

Finally, many attendees expressed their eagerness to dive into the guides produced as part of Envision. These guides provide practical information on how to implement virtual gaming simulations in healthcare education, making it accessible to educators and learners alike.

Overall, the second multiplier event was a great success and demonstrated the value of Envision in shaping the future of healthcare education. We look forward to continuing to work on this project and developing new and innovative approaches to healthcare education.