With H5P, Joubel offers ENVISION the framework for open resource digital education allowing to use and create rich, interactive content necessary in all main items of a virtual simulation game: prebriefing, scenario and virtual debriefing.

New digital tools were created in cooperation between the HEI’s and Joubel to make the framework more proficient, the learners’ experience more profound and the teachers more comfortable to use this new educational field of Virtual Gaming Simulation.

Free to use

H5P is a completely free and open technology, licensed with the MIT license. Demos/downloads, tutorials and documentation are all available for users who want to join the community. As the new ‘VGS’-features are shared with the H5P community, the impact of these changes go far beyond the Envision project.

New ‘VGS’-features

January Release Note

visit January Release Note | H5P
Documentation Tool improvements

Documentation Tool has received support for resume, and it now supports Accordion as well. This means that expandable lists may be added to Documentation Tool pages. Accordion is a nice way to make texts lighter and let users decide what they would like to read more about.

Envision: H5P created the accordation in the documentation tool to allow the online selfdebriefing . You find the accordation tool in the item of the guided debriefing questions.

Branching scenario improvements

The branching scenario is the heart of a Virtual Gaming Simulation, enabling the enactement for the players.
In the enactment, the learner encounters the client’s health storyline and then goes through multiple decision points with two to four options or choices about how best to assess or provide the care. The branching scenario design engages students and allows them to see the consequences of their decisions

The branching scenario hosts the videos of the simulated patients played by actors and all the decision points where the user has to make clinical decisions to proceed in the simulation. The clone functions was a true asset in producing all versions of the games for all HEI-partners, and allowing them to customize the game to their needs.


Example of Branching Scenario ‘Hello, you must be Flo!”

Envision: New items were added to improve the learner experience in online education.

  • Option to randomize alternatives in branching questions
  • Right and wrong info in xAPI for branching questions
  • Improved reports for Branching Scenario (H5P.com only)
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Customizable next button label so that the next button may be named differently for each step in the scenario.

Thank you Joubel for this project cooperation and the improvements that go way beyond Envision.

Impact 100%